LMC Fellow Anthony Petrelis to Shave Head for Kids with Cancer

May 20, 2015 – In a few weeks, 5th grade teacher and Milken Educator Anthony Petrelis will become a Lowell Milken Center (LMC) Fellow, joining a group of exemplary educators in Fort Scott, Kansas, to learn how LMC defines an “Unsung Hero” and applies this concept to project-based learning. In the meantime, he will be honoring another unsung hero: Heemo, a boy from his school, Mcglynn Elementary, who passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. Says Petrelis, “To me, Heemo defies what an unsung hero is. He was well loved by his peers, teachers and our school community.” Heemo would have been a 5th grader—possibly in Petrelis’ own class—this year.

In honor of Heemo, Petrelis is participating in the 5th Annual Buzz-Off on June 7, which takes place at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The event raises money for children with cancer by encouraging people to sponsor individuals willing to shave their heads for the cause. Says Petrelis, “Children battling cancer do not have a choice about being bald and at times they feel insecure about it. The Buzz-Off event communicates to these children that they are not alone and we are here with them every step of the way.” Petrelis will be shaving his head to support children with cancer; children who do not have the choice to lose their hair.

Money raised through the event will fund vital programs and services that lift the spirits of patients and their families, help the healing and recovery process, and make life more livable during treatment and hospitalization. To make a tax-deductible donation to this critical cause, please visit Anthony Petrelis’ donation page.

In his seven years in education, Petrelis has taught both 4th and 5th grade at Mcglynn Elementary in Medford, Massachusetts. In addition to upholding rigorous academic expectations, Petrelis challenges his students to better themselves every day and be good citizens in their community. Every year his classes organize a Thanksgiving food drive that produces over sixty baskets of food for families in need.  As the assistant Head Coach for the Arlington Catholic Football team, Petrelis was recognized by the Boston Celtics this past January as a “Hero Amongst Us,” an award given to a member of the Massachusetts Community for going above and beyond the call of duty. Petrelis is a 2014 Milken Educator and a 2015 Lowell Milken Center Fellow.

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