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Confronting Adversity through Secret Newspapers

Even spending his childhood in the Terezin ghetto couldn't shake young Holocaust survivor Pavel Weiner's faith in humanity. more

Ashes on the Moon

A pioneer in space science and comet discoverer, astrogeologist Gene Shoemaker remains the only person whose ashes have been buried on the moon. more

The Rats Say Yes

In looking for a cure for beriberi, scientist Robert R. Williams discovered thiamine, which has eradicated many nutritional deficiencies around the world. more
Jane Elliott in class

Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes

For her lesson on prejudice and discrimination, “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes,” Jane Elliott used collars to separate her third grade students by eye color. more

Sands of Time

Imagine spending your life fighting to preserve an endangered lake shore. That's exactly what Dorothy Buell did. more
Ken Reinhardt and Little Rock Nine student at Little Rock Central High graduation

Walk with Me

It’s never easy standing up to your peers, even if it’s the right thing to do. But we all have a choice: stand by or stand up. Kendall Reinhardt stood up. more

The Voluntary Prisoner

War, by nature, denotes division: you’re with us or you’re against us. Ralph Lazo didn't see it that way. So he chose to live in a Japanese internment camp to protest racism. more
Irena Sendler Life in a Jar

Life in a Jar

Catholic social worker Irena Sendler risked her own life to rescue over 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation of Poland in WWII. more
David Kirby, Therese Frare, AIDS, Life Magazine

Gone Too Soon

Young photojournalist student Therese Frare took the iconic photo of David Kirby that changed the face of HIV/AIDS in the 1990s. more
L. Alex Wilson overview image

We Are Newspapermen

Despite facing extreme violence, journalist L. Alex Wilson kept reporting—and his writing helped change public consciousness at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. more
Jacob Valentine II project featured image

Jacob Valentine and the Sandhill Crane

Jacob Valentine II fought to save the Mississippi Sandhill Crane from extinction and strengthened the 1973 Endangered Species Act as a result. more
Colonel Halvosen project featured image

The Berlin Candy Bomber

During the Soviet blockade of West Berlin, U.S. Colonel Halvorsen organized airlifts of candy and other goodies to raise the morale of the German children. more
Dr. Martin Luther King, Sheyann Webb

Pigtails and Protests

Dubbed the “smallest freedom fighter” by Dr. Martin Luther King himself, Sheyann Webb was just 8 years old when she joined the Civil Rights Movement. more
Maria Meva Mikusz and Inka, Under the Seagull's Wings

Under the Seagull's Wings

15-year-old Meva Mikusz rescued a 2-year-old girl from the Czortkow Ghetto during WWII and raised her throughout the duration of the war. more