The Fort Scott Experience

LMC Fellows spend six days in Fort Scott, Kansas, over the summer, thereafter joining an elite network of passionate and committed educators from across the world. Back in the classroom, Fellows develop Unsung Heroes projects with ongoing support from the Center.

-Rebecca Snyder Marguerite Izzo

LMC Fellows Marguerite Izzo (left) and Rebecca Snyder (right).

Fort Scott

The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes is located on Main Street in the historic district of Fort Scott, Kansas, which calls itself “the middle of everywhere.” Near Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, Fort Scott is a crossroads in the heartland of America. Fort Scott National Historic Site includes 20 historic structures, a parade ground and five acres of Midwest prairie grass. The town is also home to one of the America’s 14 original national cemeteries and Gunn Park, which boasts 155 acres of natural beauty, including centuries-old maple and oak trees, lakes and the Marmaton River.

With small town values and large historical significance, Fort Scott hosts an endless stream of community events that draw together friendly residents and tourists from around the world. A narrated trolley tour introduces Fellows to national landmarks, historic mansions, brick streets and much more. While steeped in this rich history, LMC Fellows have the opportunity to learn the power of Unsung Heroes’ stories, reflect on their objectives for the upcoming school year, and strategize and collaborate with award-winning educators.

From Fort Scott to the World

After their time in Fort Scott, LMC Fellows return to their classrooms passionate, ignited and ready to lead Unsung Heroes projects that help transform the educational experience and transcend classroom walls. This unique and exciting discovery process introduces LMC Fellows and their students to people they might otherwise never have met, causes them to reflect on the values demonstrated by Unsung Heroes, and encourages them to consider their impact on others. In the form of plays, documentaries, exhibits and websites, Unsung Heroes projects can be presented in many different forums—classes, schools, civic centers, churches and much more—reaching countless people with stories that celebrate courage, compassion and conviction. By sharing these values-based stories with others, LMC Fellows and their students create lasting change in their schools, communities and ultimately the world.