Meet Our Fellows
The LMC Fellowship unites top educators for a prestigious, merit-based professional development opportunity aimed at strengthening their ability to cultivate a passion for learning among students through projects that initiate positive change in schools, communities and the world. LMC Fellows demonstrate exceptional educational talent and have achieved recognition at the state, national or international level. They each have a potential for 10-20 more years in the classroom, as well as an engaging and inspiring presence that motivate students, colleagues and policymakers to achieve excellence in education.

2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Allison Riddle

Allison Riddle

2017 LMC Fellow
Named Utah Teacher of the Year in 2014, Allison Riddle is the Elementary Mentor Supervisor for Davis School District in Farmington, Utah.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Angela Harvala

Angela Harvala

2017 LMC Fellow
A 2014 Milken Educator, Angela Harvala is a 5th Grade teacher at Princeton Intermediate School in Princeton, Minnesota.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Anna Morris

Anna Morris

2017 LMC Fellow
Named Mississippi's Teacher of the year for 2015-16, Anna is a 2nd Grade teacher at Oak Grove Lower Elementary School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Bill Smithyman

Bill Smithyman

2017 LMC Fellow
A 2015 Milken Educator, Bill Smithyman is an English/ Language Arts teacher at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kansas.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Deanna LeBlanc

Deanna LeBlanc

2017 LMC Fellow
Named Nevada Teacher of the Year for 2012, Deanna LeBlanc is the 5th Grade Math and Science teacher at Fernley Intermediate School in Fernley, Nevada.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Eric Crouch

Eric Crouch

2017 LMC Fellow
A 2016 Milken Educator, Eric is a 5th Grade teacher at Double Churches Elementary School in Columbus, Georgia.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Josh Parker

Josh Parker

2017 LMC Fellow
Named the 2012 Maryland Teacher of the Year, Josh Parker is the ELA Instructional Coach at Paul Laurence High School in Washington, D.C.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Kendra Borden

Kendra Borden

2017 LMC Fellow
A 2015 Milken Educator, Kendra Borden is the 9th grade English/ Language Arts teacher at Charles E. Shea High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Lindsey Dowell

Lindsey Dowell

2017 LMC Fellow
Lindsey Dowell is the Gifted Facilitator at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Merit Karise

Merit Karise

2017 LMC Fellow
Merit Karise teaches Creativity & Design and English at the Kuressaare Regional Training Centre in Kuressaare, Estonia.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Michael Soskil

Michael Soskil

2017 LMC Fellow
Named 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Michael Soskil is the 3rd-5th Grade Science teacher at Wallenpaupack Area School District in Hawley, Pennsylvania.
2017 Lowell Milken Center Fellow Ricardo Larios

Ricardo Larios

2017 LMC Fellow
A 2015 Milken Educator, Ricardo Larios is the AVID Coordinator at Waldo Middle School in Salem, Oregon.

2016 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Ana Gutierrez

2016 LMC Fellow
Ana Gutierrez is an elementary school teacher at Wildflower School in Avondale, Arizona, and the 2014 Arizona Milken Educator.

Colleen Savino

2016 LMC Fellow
A 2015 Robert Jackson National Teacher, Colleen Savino teaches English at the Hermitage High School Center for the Humanities in Virginia.

Jed Dearybury

2016 LMC Fellow
Elementary teacher Jed Dearybury is a South Carolina Teacher of the Year Finalist, Presidential Math and Science winner, and Skype Master Teacher.

Jeuné B. Provost

2016 LMC Fellow
Elementary school teacher Jeuné B. Provost is the 2015 Virgin Islands Teacher of the Year and a Program Manager for Professional Development at the Virgin Islands Department of Education.

John Lary

2016 LMC Fellow
John Lary is a social studies teacher at Caddo Parish School in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the 2015 Louisiana Milken Educator.

Kathryn King

2016 LMC Fellow
Kathryn King is a history and law studies teacher at Hampden Academy in Maine and a recipient of the 2013 Brown University Choice Teacher Scholar Fellowship.

Kristina Carssow

2016 LMC Fellow
Kristina Carssow is an assistant principal at Dessau Middle School in Pflugerville, Texas, and a 2011 Milken Educator.

Megan Power

2016 LMC Fellow
Megan Power is a Learning Experience Designer for transitional kindergarten through first grade at Design39Campus in San Diego.

Olga Myslíková

2016 LMC Fellow
Olga Myslíková is a Foreign Language Teacher at the Technical and Business High School in Brno, Czech Republic, and the 2012 Outstanding Teacher of English in Europe.

Robert O’Donnell, Jr.

2016 LMC Fellow
Robert O’Donnell, Jr. teaches middle school science at the Christa McAuliffe School (P.S. #28) in Jersey City and was the 2013 New Jersey Milken Educator.

Shannon Ralph

2016 LMC Fellow
The 2015 Kansas Teacher of the Year, Shannon Ralph teaches biology at Dodge City High School in Dodge City, Kansas.

Tracy Espiritu

2016 LMC Fellow
A 2014 Milken Educator, Tracy Espiritu is the Instructional Technology Coach at Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School No. 29 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

2015 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Alice Bertels

2015 LMC Fellow
A 2000 Milken Educator, Alice Bertels has worked in education for over 30 years and is currently a Gifted Facilitator at Washburn Rural Middle School in Topeka, Kansas.

Anthony Petrelis

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2014 Milken Educator for Massachusetts, Anthony Petrelis has taught both 4th and 5th grade at Mcglynn Elementary.

April Fulstone

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Missouri History Teacher of the Year, April Fulstone has been an educator for 11 years at Wydown Middle School.

Cagney Weaver

2015 LMC Fellow
2014 Milken Educator and National Board Certified teacher Cagney Weaver teaches elementary school in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Heidi Welch

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, Heidi Welch serves as the lone music director at Hillsboro-Deering High School.

Jamie Manker

2015 LMC Fellow
Missouri's 2014 Teacher of the Year and National Education Association Foundation Global Fellow Jamie Manker teachers social studies and serves as department chair at Rockwood Summit High School.

Jeff Charbonneau

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 National Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau teaches chemistry, physics, engineering, and robotics at Zillah High School in Washington.

Jemelleh Coes

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2014 Teacher of the Year, Jemelleh Coes teaches Language Arts, with a focus in special education, in Statesboro, Georgia.

Jessica Karll

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2014 Missouri Milken Educator, Jessica Karll teaches at Discovery Ridge Elementary in the Wentzville School District.

Jonathan Crossley

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, Jonathan Crossley serves as Principal for Baseline Elementary School in Little Rock.

Kevin Witte

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Milken Educator for Nebraska, Kevin Witte teaches high school social studies at Kearney High School with a mission to promote global awareness and international understanding.

Kristal Doolin

2015 LMC Fellow
Kristal Doolin is a National Board Certified educator, the 2013 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, a member of the Kentucky Teacher Advisory Council, and a NEA/Betterlesson Master Teacher.

Luke Foley

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Vermont Teacher of the Year, Luke Foley is the alternative program teacher at Northfield Middle High School.

Mareike Hachemer

2015 LMC Fellow
A top 50 finalist in the Global Teacher Prize, Mareike Hachemer teaches middle and high school language and drama classes in the German State of Hesse.

Meghan Nese

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Milken Educator for Pennsylvania, Meghan Nese has taught English in the same high school in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania for over 18 years.

Melissa Noack

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2005 Milken Educator for Maine, Melissa Noack is a passionate visual arts educator who thrives on instilling a lifelong love for learning and creativity in her students.

Monica Washington

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2014 Texas Teacher of the Year and 2015 NEA Foundation Global Fellow, Monica Washington serves as English Department Chair at Texas High School.

Nancie Lindblom

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Arizona Teacher of the Year, Nancie Lindblom teaches American History and Government at Skyline High School in the Mesa Public School District.

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Milken Educator for Washington, Nathan Gibbs-Bowling has taught middle school reading and high school social studies in the Tacoma School District for over nine years.

Nathan McAlister

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2010 Kansas and National History Teacher of the Year, Nathan McAlister teaches at Royal Valley Middle School.

Peter Loken

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Pacific Teacher of the Year, Peter Loken is a 6th grade teacher in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) School District in Saipan.

Sarah Franko

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Milken Educator from Ohio, Sarah Franko is a fifth-grade science teacher at North Royalton Middle School.

Sarah Moore-Berndt

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Milken Educator from Wisconsin, Sarah Moore-Berndt has taught myriad of grade levels in the Milwaukee Public School District in her 11 years in education.

Shelley Self

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2005 Oklahoma Milken Educator, Shelley Self has taught high school art at Coweta High School for twenty-three years.

Stacey Donaldson

2015 LMC Fellow
In her 17 years in education, Mississippi's 2009 Teacher of the Year Stacey Donaldson has exposed students in rural, suburban and urban districts to real world writing, reading and research.

Stephanie Judice

2015 LMC Fellow
National Board Certified and the 2009 Louisiana Milken Educator, Stephanie Judice is a Master Teacher for the Gifted/Talented Program in New Iberia.

Tamara Dunham

2015 LMC Fellow
The 2009 Milken Educator for New Mexico, Tamara Dunham has been dedicating her passion and expertise to students and colleagues within Albuquerque Public Schools for over 16 years.

2014 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Ali Weimer

2014 LMC Fellow
A kindergarten teacher at Avondale School in West Memphis, Arkansas, Ali Weimer was the 2013 Teacher of the Year for Arkansas and a teacher adviser to the Arkansas Department of Education.

Annette Hildebrandt

2014 LMC Fellow
Milken Educator Annette Hildebrandt teaches math at Providence Academy in Plymouth, Minnesota, and has been the mathematics department chair in two different district schools in Iowa and Minnesota.
2014 LMC Fellow Bethany Bernasconi

Bethany Bernasconi

2014 LMC Fellow
The 2012 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, Bethany Bernasconi teaches biology and serves the Dean of Science and Engineering at Windham High School.
2014 LMC Fellow Brad LeDuc

Brad LeDuc

2014 LMC Fellow
Milken Educator Brad LeDuc teaches art at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas, and has inspired thousands of students to discover a visual voice they may otherwise not have found.
2014 LMC Fellow Brian Langley

Brian Langley

2014 LMC Fellow
Brian Langley has been teaching chemistry and physics at Novi High School in Michigan since 2000 and, outside of the classroom, is dedicated to bringing greater depth to conversations on public education and education reform.

David Bosso

2014 LMC Fellow
The 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year, David Bosso has taught social studies at Berlin High School since 1998 and continues to pursue professional growth focused on social studies education, global competency, teacher advocacy and educational leadership.

Dyane Smokorowski

2014 LMC Fellow
The 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year, Dyane Smokorowski has taught middle school language arts in the Wichita, Renwick and Andover school districts for over 16 years.
2014 LMC Fellow Jillian Brickley

Jillian Brickley

2014 LMC Fellow
Milken Educator Jillian Brickley teaches 5th grade at Charlotte Avenue Elementary in Nashua, New Hampshire, and holds leadership positions at both the school and district level.

Jose Martinez III

2014 LMC Fellow
Jose Martinez III teaches diverse subjects at the 9-12th grade level at Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colorado, and is a 2014 Milken Educator.
2014 LMC Fellow Lars Stiernelöf

Lars Stiernelöf

2014 LMC Fellow
Sweden's 2007 Teacher of the Year Lars Stiernelöf teaches sociology at Fryxellska Secondary School in Sunne and runs its Centre of Democracy, which he founded.

Madeline Hanington

2014 LMC Fellow
The Language Arts Content Specialist at Hallie Wells Middle School and a 2011 Milken Educator, Madeline Hanington currently teaches sixth grade English and one creative writing class.

Sarah Segal

2014 LMC Fellow
World traveler Sarah Segal teaches 6th grade at Hood River Middle School and serves in leadership roles for the Oregon Council for Social Studies.

Sarah Vann

2014 LMC Fellow
Sarah Vann teaches science at the Owasso 8th Grade Center and is a 2011 Milken Educator for the state of Oklahoma.
2014 LMC Fellow Sherry Annee

Sherry Annee

2014 LMC Fellow
Milken Educator Sherry Annee teaches biotechnology to high school juniors and seniors at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she has worked since 1997.
2014 LMC Fellow Susan Sittenauer

Susan Sittenauer

2014 LMC Fellow
Twice named the Kansas History Day Teacher of the Year, Susan Sittenauer works with students at Seaman High School in Topeka, Kansas, to create U.S. History projects.
2104 LMC Fellow Sylvia Grace

Sylvia Grace

2014 LMC Fellow
Sylvia Grace of Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona, has taught chemistry, mathematics and engineering, and implemented the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) high school engineering program.

Terry Kaldhusdal

2014 LMC Fellow
A successful documentary filmmaker, Terry Kaldhusdal teaches 6th grade social studies at Kettle Moraine School District in Dousman and was the 2007 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year.

Yannabah Weiss

2014 LMC Fellow
Yannabah Weiss is a math teacher at Kealakehe High School in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and a 2009 recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

2013 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Daphne Draa, 2013 LMC Fellow

Daphne Draa

2013 LMC Fellow
An elementary and middle school teacher, Daphne Draa of the Center for Inquiry in Indianapolis, IN is also a 2004 Milken Educator.
Drew Moneke, 2013 LMC Fellow

Drew Moneke

2013 LMC Fellow
Drew Moneke says, "How can I reach a student’s mind if I cannot reach their heart? The building of relationships with students opens up so many doors for student academic and emotional growth!"
Justin Minkel, 2013 LMC Fellow

Justin Minkel

2013 LMC Fellow
The 2007 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, Justin Minkel teaches 2nd and 3rd grade at Jones Elementary in Springdale, a high-achieving public school where 99% of the students live in poverty and 90% are English Learners.
Marguerite Izzo, LMC Fellow

Marguerite Izzo

2013 LMC Fellow
New York State's 2007 Teacher of the Year, Marguerite Izzo has taught students in grades 1-12 and is an adjunct professor of literacy at Adelphi University.
Marzanna Pogorzelska, LMC Fellow

Marzanna Pogorzelska

2013 LMC Fellow
An extraordinary teacher for almost two decades and leader in Polish education, Marzanna Pogorzelska is also the LMC Europe Coordinator.
Michael Berndt, 2013 LMC Fellow

Michael Berndt

2013 LMC Fellow
Michael Berndt promotes brain-based strategies and programs to meet the needs of his students, and believes in cooperative learning strategies and student-centered classrooms that allow students to openly interact with other peers.
Michael Lobdell, 2013 LMC Fellow

Michael Lobdell

2013 LMC Fellow
2013 LMC Fellow Michael Lobdell of Pilgrim High School in Warwick, RI has experience in accreditation leadership and writing, science teaching, and curriculum development.
Rebecca Snyder, 2013 LMC Fellow

Rebecca Snyder

2013 LMC Fellow
A 15-year veteran of the classroom, 2013 LMC Fellow Rebecca Snyder teaches advanced, college-prep, and remedial language arts courses at Greater Latrobe Senior High School in Latrobe, PA.
Suzanne Scotten, 2013 LMC Fellow

Suzanne Scotten

2013 LMC Fellow
In her second career, Suzanne Scotten is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher with a passion for Unsung Heroes projects and 2005 Milken Educator from California.
Tamika Jordan, 2013 LMC Fellow

Tamika Jordan

2013 LMC Fellow
Tamika Jordan creates a student-centered, active learning environment for students at Avondale Elementary while training peer teachers to effectively implement 21st century learning in their classrooms.
Tracey Newman, 2013 LMC Fellow

Tracey Newman

2013 LMC Fellow
Tracy Newman says, "In a nation where current events are sensationalized and the negative stories gain the greatest attention, the Lowell Milken Center provides students with another option: doing the right thing to make the world a little better."

2012 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Chris Waugaman, 2013 LMC Fellow

Chris Waugaman

2012 LMC Fellow
Chris Waugaman teaches journalism and AP Language and Composition at Prince George High School in Virginia, where he also advises the student newspaper and the school's literary magazine.
Cindy Couchman, 2012 LMC Fellow

Cindy Couchman

2012 LMC Fellow
2009 Kansas Teacher of the Year Cindy Couchman is in her 21st year of teaching high school mathematics, having taught everything from Applied Math to AP Calculus.
Jeff Rudkin, 2012 LMC Fellow

Jeff Rudkin

2012 LMC Fellow
Jeff Rudkin, a 2007 Milken Educator and the 2010 Irena Sendler Award finalist, has taught video production at Lora Batchelor Middle School in Bloomington, IN for 26 years.

Kerin Motsinger

2012 LMC Fellow
2006 Milken Educator Kerin Motsinger teaches 2nd through 5th grade gifted students in the Chicago area who have talents in Language Arts, Humanities and/or STEM.
Shekema Silveri, 2012 LMC Fellow

Shekema Silveri

2012 LMC Fellow
With an extensive community service background and first-rate academic credentials, Milken Educator Shekema Silveri is a natural leader at Mt. Zion High School in Jonesboro, Georgia.
Sue McNeil, 2012 LMC Fellow

Susan McNeil

2012 LMC Fellow
Susan McNeil of Taylor, Nebraska has been an extraordinary social studies teacher for over three decades, and has also served as principal and superintendent for local county schools.

2011 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Anna Hull, LMC 2011 Fellow

Anna Hull

2011 LMC Fellow
Anna Hull, a Nationally Board Certified teacher and 2011 Milken Educator, teaches fourth and fifth grade gifted students at Patronis Elementary School in Panama City Beach, FL.
Richard Meserve, 2011 LMC Fellow

Richard Meserve

2011 LMC Fellow
2009 Milken Educator Richard Meserve teaches multiple subjects at the REAL School in Falmouth, Maine, where he works to inspire and motivate the population of at-risk students.
Stephanie Bishop, 2011 LMC Fellow

Stephanie Bishop

2011 LMC Fellow
2001 Milken Educator Stephanie Bishop spent ten years teaching theater at Prince George High School and now serves as assistant principal of J.E.J. Moore Middle School in Prince George, Virginia.

2010 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Andrew Beiter - LMC 2010 Fellow

Andrew Beiter

2010 LMC Fellow
Andrew Beiter is an eighth grade social studies teacher at Springville Middle School in Springville, NY; Project Director for the Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Studies; and board member of the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo.
Carry Roller, 2010 LMC Fellow

Cary Roller

2010 LMC Fellow
2008 Milken Educator Cary Roller is a first grade teacher at Knollwood Heights Elementary in Rapid City, South Dakota, which is home to 600 at risk, low income students and is the largest Title One School in South Dakota.
Jennifer Couch, 2010 LMC Fellow

Jennifer Couch

2010 LMC Fellow
2004 Milken Educator Jennifer Couch is the principal at Hapeville Elementary School in Hapeville, GA and previously a mathematics teacher at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Shannon Garrison

2010 LMC Fellow
Shannon Garrison is a fourth grade teacher at Solano Avenue Elementary school in Los Angeles, 2008 Milken Educator from California, and Lowell Milken Center Fellowship Director in Training.

2008 and 2009 Lowell Milken Center Fellows

Michael Aw, 2008 LMC Fellow

Michael Aw

2008 LMC Fellow
Michael Aw is a sixth grade teacher at the Memorial Elementary School in Hopedale, Massachusetts and a 2004 recipient of the Milken Educator Award.
Sarah Powley, 2009 LMC Fellow

Sarah Powley

2009 LMC Fellow
Sarah Powley is an English teacher and department chair at McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana and a 1993 Milken Educator.