Why Did Grandpa Cry? An Unsung Hero Children’s Book

by Cathy Werling, illustrated by Jack Bohm

A New Children’s Book about Unsung Hero Ken Reinhardt

The first children’s book in their Unsung Heroes/Role Models children’s book series. Why Did Grandpa Cry? tells the story of Unsung Hero Ken Reinhardt. Even though he faced bullies and threats from fellow high school students, Ken stood up for Elizabeth Eckford and the rest of the Little Rock Nine, the first African American students to attend the all-white Arkansas school in 1957. Over four decades later, his granddaughter tried to make sense of why Ken cried whenever he talked about that time in his life. She soon discovered, not only what caused Grandpa’s tears, but also a new-found purpose in her own life.
Why Did Grandpa Cry? book cover
Why Did Grandpa Cry? author Cathy Werling

Author Cathy Werling is a retired elementary educator. Her passion for helping students develop positive character traits and seek out worthy role models led to her part time work at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes. Through her series of books about these humble heroes, Cathy hopes to inspire elementary school children to truly be those people who make a positive difference in the lives of others.

With this book and future books in this series which honor these Unsung Heroes, the Center hopes to help students, educators and communities discover their own power and responsibility to effect positive change in the world. Why Did Grandpa Cry? can be purchased for $9.95 using the form below.

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