Start an Unsung Hero Project

unsung hero: (n) one who has created positive change in history by improving the lives of others, but has yet to be widely recognized

Unsung Heroes are role models whose remarkable acts of courage, compassion, selflessness, perseverance and, quite possibly, sacrifice make a profound and positive difference on the course of history. They change our world for the better, but most of us have never heard of them. Now you can be a part of bringing these extraordinary stories to light in order to inspire people to take actions that improve the lives of others. Unsung Heroes teach the power one has to make a difference—and you have that power to make a difference, too.

The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes believes acts of conscience and courage should be acknowledged and celebrated. Through a unique project-based learning approach, we collaborate with students, educators and parents to discover, develop and communicate the remarkable stories of Unsung Heroes. If you would like to discover an Unsung Hero in history and share his or her inspiring contributions to the world, we can help you take this incredibly rewarding journey.

Unsung Heroes Projects:

  • Provide educators with an innovative project-based learning teaching tool
  • Assist educators in meeting educational standards that require outcome-based learning activities
  • Encourage students to express themselves creatively through presentations of historical topics and materials in a variety of formats
  • Interest students in learning about history by crossing disciplines and integrating the materials and methods of social studies, art, literature, language and music into their projects
  • Help students develop research, writing, critical-thinking, problem-solving and presentation skills
  • Teach respect and understanding through positive role models
  • Take students out of the classroom and into the world

Experience the Power of an Unsung Heroes Project in Your Classroom

  • “You can’t teach empathy. It comes through experience. The power of these Unsung Heroes projects is beyond anything else. If I could teach this way all the time, I would. I never once had to ask my students to do work. They were so motivated, they were pushing me for more.” 
    Shannon Garrison, 4th Grade Teacher at Solano Avenue Elementary School (CA) & 2010 LMC Fellow
  • “Students achieve a level of comprehension and understanding beyond any comparable activity when endeavoring to complete an Unsung Heroes project. In addition, what the student learns is retained because of the impact this activity has had on them on a personal level. The Unsung Hero project work transcends the schoolhouse walls.” 
    Chris Waugaman, Journalism Teacher at Prince George High School (VA) & 2012 LMC Fellow