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The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes partners with teachers and students around the world to develop dynamic projects featuring individuals who have positively and profoundly impacted the lives of others throughout history.

Our beautiful Hall of Unsung Heroes in historic downtown Fort Scott, Kansas, showcases some of the top projects developed in collaboration with the Center, highlighting the fascinating stories of Unsung Heroes who can serve as role models to people of all ages. When visitors discover the stories of everyday women and men whose actions against injustice have bettered the world, they learn that one person has the power to make a difference—and that they can, too.

As an innovative educational think tank, the Center provides visitors with substantial resources on how to develop an Unsung Heroes project, including topic ideas, research tools and references. New projects and exhibits are continually in development.

Come by soon to explore untold stories in history, discover Unsung Heroes, and be inspired to create positive change in the world!

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